Election Time is once again

12/8/17,Think of a member who you feel can and wants to make a difference with the MDDGA's mission of more disc golf opportunities and awarness. All positions do not require alot of time, usually about 6 to 8 meetings a year, then its about the position elected. More information can be found by reviewing our By-Laws or by contacting any board member or your club email. It is all the MDDGA volunteers who are making the difference, you can to! Find ways to help out, it is what makes this all work! 

Election Results and Annual Meeting

1/16/14, Chris Roberts was re-elected Vice-President for 2015 and 2016. RJ Chittams has taken over as Information Officer

Find a way to get involved, it's what makes this work!

 12/8/2017, Your 2018 renewal to the MDDGA is here. We have another new design and certainly improved 2018 challange tag available starting at the Ice Bowl on January 28th. Mark you calendar now, alway a great event and for a even better cause, Halo Shelter! For your convenience, we are now accepting PayPal for transferring monies directly to the club's account. Use the link below and include a desription of why using PayPal.

    YOUR membership is needed to continue the MDDGA's mission for more disc golf opportunites in our area!

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Great Success...course looks great!

Workday Sunday June 8 at 10am Come out We need your help!

We need to re-dress a few of our awesome tee boxes, fix the dock's tee pad, put up a couple of tee signs that were ripped from the pole, replace some mando is missing on hole 1 and hole 9 is getting weak, we'll change some rusty chains to shiny new ones, and more. Last I heard was 2 weekends before the summer classic. Got some other issues you are thinking, your board is meeting this Tuesday 5/13 at 6 pm and welcome members who want to be involved. See a board member or contact your club's email for more information.    

                   Plan to help brings good Karma to your game!

Horsebridge under Basket Attack!



                  Old hole 4 location - hole much longer!                           Great work Chris and Chris


Disc Golf Course Change!

The Eastern Golf at Wood Creek in Delmar Maryland was planning to construct a disc golf course to be completed by June 1, 2013. This disc golf course would had combine traditional golf with our sport, as in the Horsebridge ball & disc golf course also located in Wicomico County. Woodcreek used 18 baskets on loan from the Schu for the upcoming August 2013 Tall Tales Summer Classic. Green fees were waived for all MDDGA members until the tourney. Now that the baskets from the Schu have been returned, and Wood Creek has not yet purchased their own disc golf baskets, unfortunately, Wood Creek is no longer a disc golf course! 



     Hole 1 - Perdue parked this from the blues!                                          Hole #?



General Membership Meeting on March 5, 2013

22 members showed up for the meeting and voted for the logo on the right. Congratulations Chris Perkins for submitting the winning design! We discussed close to 20 projects/tournaments carried out last year and our plans for this year. We will be doing summer lessons for kids thru Wicomico Parks & Recreation. Worcester County has submitted a budget including disc golf in Snow Hill. We have 3 or 4 members trying to secure spots on the planning committee for the new park near Laurel Delaware, the old Woodland Ferry golf course. We're planning on a few five and dimes at other locations in the Mid Delmarva area with temp courses. If anyone has a contact info for educational groups, schools, church schools, camps etc., please let us know so we can try to get an educational program set up with them. We encourage all of our members to feel free to request your charitable projects or future ideas to raise funds for our club by contacting our club's email. We are a disc golf family and want to spread the love.

The MDDGA’s annual membership meeting will be held March 5, at Vinny’s LaRoma restaurant in Salisbury. Come find out exactly what the MDDGA has done in this first year as a club. Meeting will begin at 6:30 with food and drinks available. 

Our newsletter was sent to your email on Feb 3. if you are a MDDGA member and did not receive this 2013 newsletter, you can Click Here to view it. We can update your email in the club's contact list by providing us with your current address. 

If you have not renewed your membership before the general membership meeting, be sure to bring your $15.00 yearly membership dues and receive your new 2013 challenge tag at that time. We will be voting on a logo for the MDDGA among other topics, see newsletter for more details on the logo contest.

Hope to see you there!

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                                                                                     2012 N'ice Bowl champion Kevin Gleason - our Course Pro!

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